Moore County animals in need, benefit directly from generous donations. Both monetary and material donations are glady accepted. Donations can be made online, in person, by phone at 910-947-2858, or by mail to the Attention of: The Director of Animal Operations at 5235 Highway 15/501, Carthage NC 28327.  

Material Donations

Animal Center Wishlist

  • Towels –bath size
  • Dry and canned kitten food
  • Canned cat food
  • Dry and canned puppy food
  • Canned dog food
  • Topical flea/tick preventives
  • Clean new or used harness, collars and leashes
  • Kennel carriers, all sizes
  • Holiday décor (for adoption pictures)

Monetary Donations

Fix'M Fund

Your donation to Animal Operations FIX'Moore Fund prevents unwanted litters of puppies and kittens in Moore County.  Fix'M helps with low cost spay/neuter in Moore County. This initiative aims to reduce the need for euthanasia in our county animal shelter. Please join us today in promoting responsible pet ownership. Donations by check can be made payable to Fix'M Animal Operations Moore County and mailed to Director of Animal Operations, 5235 Hwy 15-501, Carthage, NC 28327.  FIX'M Flyer 

Sinead Fund

Donate to the Sinead Fund to save more local animals in need of medical treatment!
Anyone wanting to assist pets held at the Moore County Animal Center can now donate to a special fund dedicated to extraordinary medical expenses.  The fund is called the Sinead Fund and was established after Animal Operations provided a stray dog, now known as Sinead, with a necessary amputation to save her life.

General Fund

Your donation to Animal Operations/General Fund helps keep the animals that enter our shelter each year healthy, happy and comfortable.  This fund provides items such as beds, toys, food, collars, kitty litter, towels and medications for our animals.

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