Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Important Notice

If your pet is missing and you do not find it on this page, please come to our shelter in person to search.  Lost pets arrive continuously and we want to help your pet return home as quickly as possible!

Stray animals are held for a minimum of 72 hours to allow the owner to find their pet.  Don't delay your search! Visit the shelter daily if your pet is missing!

Please click on the link below to post your lost pet or found pet to The Pilot Newspaper's lost and found site.

Animal Services Stray Animals Intake

Kennel ID: 71721

Male, young adult, 56lbs, no chip, orange plastic collar, no tags, not fixed. Found on Joshua Lane, Carthage.


kennel id#71725

adult, male, beagle, no chip, no collar. Found on NC 705, Robbins



Picked up from Yadkin Park Animal Hospital


Kennel ID: 71731

Came in on 1/11/19, adult, male, 48lbs, no chip, no collar, not fixed. Found near McCrimmon Road, Carthage.

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