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Assisting people in overcoming life’s challenges and strengthening our community through high-quality social services
Moore County families in need benefit directly from generous donations. Monetary, material and commitment of time and skill (in-kind) donations are gladly accepted. Donations can be made in person or by mail via Moore County Department of Social Services 1036 Carriage Oak Drive PO BOX 938 Carthage, NC 28327.
Funds will be spent in any of the areas listed below to meet client needs that are not provided federally/state funded.
• Child Protective Services:  Child protective services funds will be used to ensure children’s safety and/or to prevent removing children from their homes. These funds could be used for home repairs, utility bills, food, clothing, pest control, etc. These funds could also be used to assist with spreading the word about Child Abuse Prevention in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.
• Adult Needs: Adult need funds are used to ensure the safety of adults and assist with maintaining adults within their home. These funds would be used for many of the necessities listed in the above category as well as for medications and adult diapers. These funds could also be used to assist with spreading the word about Elder Abuse during Elder Abuse Awareness Month in June.
• Foster Care Fund: Foster care funds will be used to support children in their foster homes and as they transition between homes. Funds could be used to meet children’s basic needs (diapers, clothes, infant supplies). In addition, Moore County Social Services has many supportive programs to children in care including programs specific to teenagers, geared towards supporting foster and adoptive parents and helping ensure children’s well-being needs via avenues like summer camp and Christmas gifts.
If you would like to make a material donation or donate your time or talent, please call (910) 947-7441 or (910) 947-7443 for more information about how you can be a part of strengthening our community!
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