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Services | County of Moore NC

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Fitness Program

Fitness Room

The Fitness Room at the SEC is equipped with both cardio and strength training equipment. Cardio equipment includes treadmills, recumbent and upright bikes, seated steppers, ellipticals, and a rowing machine.Strength training equipment includes seated abdominal/low back combo, seated hip abduction/adduction, seated chest, shoulder and back, dip/chin/leg raise station, dual cable cross core trainer, and standing squat. In addition to strengh and cardio, the Fitness Room has free weights, body bars, stability balls, resistance tubes, and stretching station.


Group Exercise

We offer multiple group exercise classes ranging from beginner to intermediate skill levels. Classes offered include Silver and Fit, Yoga, Cardio Core, Tabata and Circuit Training. Classes require Fitness membership with the Senior Center and a $2.00 fee per class. Classes are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

Becoming a Member

The Fitness Room and group exercise classes are offered to any Moore County resident aged 50 and over.

First you will need to have your medical provider give clearance for you to participate in our exercise program that at times is unsupervised. We also need to know if you have any limitations in order for you to exercise safely here. We have an informative letter available for you to have signed by your medical provider, to access a copy click here.

After you have obtained your medical clearance you must attend a New Member Orientation before participating. Orientations are one on one with our Fitness Coordinator to ensure effectiveness. At the orientation you will complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, sign a Release and Notice of Privacy Practices.  You will have the opportunity to go over the different machines in the Fitness Room and learn how they work. Your membership card is assigned and the orientation is complete!

The fee for using the Fitness Room is $2.00 per day. There is no annual "membership" fees or contracts, however we do offer a pre-pay system.  With the purchase of $20, you get an additional day free and for $40, you get two additional days for free.

The SEC Fitness Room is open 
Mon/Wed/Fri : 7:00am-5:00pm
Tue/Thurs:       7:00am-10:00pm
Saturday:         8:00am-1:00pm

Nutrition Program

The nutrition program includes both congregate (Diner's Clubs) and home delivered meals. These programs are provided Monday through Friday and the meals are prepared by a nutrition caterer. The Diner's Club meals are served at two locations in the county: the Davis Community Center in Robbins; and the Senior Enrichment Center building. Daily activities at the Diner's Club include Bible study, exercise, informational programs, bingo, arts and crafts, etc. 

Home Delivered Meals are provided in the West End/Seven Lakes, Robbins, Carthage, Eagle Springs, Cameron, Vass, Whispering Pines, and Taylortown areas. 

Eligibility requirements for the nutrition programs: Moore County resident, aged; 60 years or older, and homebound for home delivered meals. 

For more information about congregate or home delivered meals, or to become a participant, contact Rhonda Priest or Leslie Washington at 215-0900.

Family Caregiver Program

The Family Caregiver program targets resources and information to help:

  • Those caring for adults over 60 who have a chronic illness or disability and are living at home, and...
  • Grandparents over 55 with the responsibility of raising their grandchildren.

This program:

  • Provides information and referral services
  • Evaluates needs and helps to find solutions available in the community
  • Offers counseling and educational services such as training and support services
  • Provides respite care, allowing caregivers time to meet other responsibilities

The Family Caregiver Support Group is a non-judgmental platform that allows caregivers to feel validated and bond with one another. Caregivers will have a chance to learn from each other’s experiences, ask for advice, find useful resources, and vent their frustrations. The Family Caregiver Advisor will facilitate this group the 4th Tuesday of each month from 10am—11:30am at the Moore County Senior Enrichment Center. To register, call 910-215-0900. Also, please visit our on-site Caregiver Lending Library. Caregivers can check out books and DVD’s that are related to: Alzheimer’s/Dementia; Caregiving; Grief & Bereavement; Grandparents Raising Grandchildren; and Health & Wellness. There are also FREE Stress Management Handbooks, informational brochures and booklets.

For more information on the Family Caregiver Support Program call Family Caregiver Advisor Yarona Thomas at 910-215-0900.

Information & Assistance Program

This program assists older adults and their families in their efforts to acquire information about programs and services in order to obtain appropriate resources to meet their needs. Information and Assistance Coordinator assists care needs by identifying, making referrals, and coordinating services which are necessary to enable the individual to remain in the least restrictive environment. Referrals are made to resources in North Carolina as well as out of state.

Transportation Services

Medical Transportation is a service offered by the Department of Aging to Moore County residents aged 60+. We contract with Moore County Transportation Services to provide rides to medical appointments, in and out of county. Transportation is also available for congregate meal site participants. Miscellaneous transportation (in county only) is offered to current Medical Transporation Clients, which inlcudes one round trip to places such as the grocery store, pharmacy, hair appointments, etc.

There is prerequisite paperwork that must be completed before one can begin using this service. There is also policy that must be adhered to regarding scheduling time and location of appointments, as well as cancellations. A written copy of these policies will be given to clients when they complete the paperwork.

If you have questions about transportation, or are in need of the service, contact Rhonda Priest at 215-0900.

In-Home Aide Services

In-Home Aide services provide two levels of care in the home by our Certified Nursing Assistants. 1)Home Management (Level I) includes light housekeeping tasks in main living areas, food shopping, necessary errands, laundry, and simple meal preparation. 2)Personal Care (Level II) includes assistance with bathing, dressing, feeding, ambulation, and toileting. Debbie Hickman, RN provides medical counseling and education in the homes of these clients. This program also has a Lead Aide, Jennifer Thomas, who assists our RN. Our In-Home Aide Services program is licensed by the Division on Facility Services for Home Care. To qualifiy for this service you must be a Moore County resident 60 years of age or older. 

For more information about this service please contact Debbie Hickman at 215-0900.

Senior Volunteer Program

Supported by the County of Moore to help people 50 and older find service opportunities that meet community needs. The volunteer program can help match a volunteer's experience and talents to connect with over 45 agencies, institutions and organizations in the county. Volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year helping others. Contact Lenore Rittenhouse at 910-215-0900.

Ensure Program

Ensure nutrition products are available at a discounted rate for qualifying individuals. Qualifying individuals must be 60+, have a prescription for Ensure products from their physician and income must not exceed 150% of the Federal Poverty level. Prices are:

Ensure - $16/case
Ensure Plus - $18/case
Glucerna - $28/case

Ensure Registration Form

Please contact Family Caregiver Advisor Yarona Thomas at 215-0900 to register.

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