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The Board of Commissioners invites citizens of Moore County to participate in governmental decisions by serving as members of the various boards/committees that provide advice and assistance to the governing body and administration.The Board relies on volunteers to meet this essential need for Moore County. Please consider joining our ranks and making a difference in our community. Together, we can provide exceptional services that make Moore County a premier community in which to live, work, and raise a family.

The appointment of members to the various boards/committees is governed by the standard policy for appointments, board/committee by-laws and, in some cases, by North Carolina General Statutes. The Clerk to the Board is the point of contact for the administration of the appointment process and the maintenance of applicable records and can be contacted at (910) 947-6403 or clerktoboard@moorecountync.gov.

View 2019 term expirations HERE.

View 2019 meeting schedules/locations HERE.

The ABC Board operates in accordance with N.C.G.S. 18B-700 and is responsible for the operation of the ABC system in Moore County.  The Board meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Board room of the ABC office located at 273 NE Broad Street in Southern Pines.  You can reach the ABC office at 910-692-8578.

Terms of membership are for three years.

Gerald Galloway (May 2019)

John Garner (June 2020)

Ernest Hooker (May 2019)

Thomas Kees (April 2021)

Jerrell Seawell (June 2020)


The Aging Advisory Council advises the Director of Moore County's Department of Aging on planning and implementation of service programs and activities as they relate to older people in Moore County, and acts as an advocacy group on all matters concerning the elderly population in Moore County.

Terms of membership are for three years.

Jeannie Broker (November 2020)

Mimi Deardorff (November 2021)

Jane Francks (November 2021)

Loretta Jacobson (November 2021)

Lee Baker-Kossyk (November 2019)

Tom Lamkin (November 2020)

Cathy Miles (November 2019)

Shirley Perkins (November 2019)

Leo Roberson (November 2019)

Beulah Warren (November 2019)

Mary Jane White (November 2019)

The Moore County Airport Authority oversees the business of the Moore County Airport.  

Terms of service are four years.

Pat Corso (September 2021)

Donald Delauter (August 2022)

Michael Jones (August 2019)

Barry Lerman (September 2020)

Thomas McPherson (September 2021)


The Animal Cruetly Investigator serves pursuant to N.C.G.S. 19A-45.  

The term of service is one year.

Dr. Tony Ioppolo (March 2019)

Terms of service for members are for three years.

Penny Johnson (July 2018)

Kathy Liles (July 2021)

Oscar Romine (May 2019)

Frank Thigpen (July 2021)

Paul Hodges - Alternate (July 2018)

The Moore County Board of Health is the policy-making, rule-making, and adjudicatory body for the Moore County Health Department.  The Board of Health has the responsibility to protect and promote the public health and has the authority to adopt rules necessary for that purpose.  The Board is composed of eleven members which include:  a licensed physician, a licensed dentist, a licensed optometrist, a licensed veterinarian, a registered nurse, a licensed pharmacist, a county commissioner, a professional engineer, and three representatives of the general public.  Members must be residents of Moore County and are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  The Board of Health generally meets once every other month.

Tim Boyte (Veterinarian)

Betty Goodridge (At-Large)

Severt Jacobson (Physician)

Warren Lewis (At-Large)

Michele Keel (Optometrist)

VACANT (Engineer)

William Mang (Pharmacist)

Kamron Monroe (Dentist)

Max Muse (Nurse)

Sharon Odom (At-Large)

Leo Santowasso (Engineer)

Louis Gregory (Commissioner)

The Sandhills Community College Board of Trustees governs the College.  

The Moore County Board of Commissioners appoints four of the trustees.

Terms of service are for four years.

Larry Caddell (June 2021)

Joseph Clendenin (June 2022)

Sandy Stewart (June 2019)

Larry Upchurch (June 2020)

The Convention and Visitors Bureau Board governs the Pinehurst/Southern Pines/Aberdeen CVB, which promotes the development of travel, tourism, and conventions in Moore County.

Terms of service for members are three years.

Thomas Beddow (June 2021)

David Byers (June 2019)

Pat Corso 

Linda Parsons

George Little (June 2019)

Bonnie McPeake (June 2021)

Caleb Miles

Kelly Miller (June 2019)

Tom Pashley (March 2020)

Frank Quis

Bobbie Rollins (December 2020)

Wayne Vest

Caroline Xiong 

The Moore County Fire Commission makes formal recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on fire protection and delivery of emergency services applicable to those departments covered under the purview of the Fire Commission.  The Commission's responsibilities include reviewing and making recommendations on operating budget requests; reviewing and making recommendations on capital improvement plan budget requests; reviewing and supporting firefighter and volunteer incentive retention and recruitment programs; making recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for continuing improvement of the fire protection system; reviewing ISO and consultants' reports and recommending action for improvement as deemed necessary; developing and providing overview of all service district operational regulations and guidelines for the Moore County fire protection service district; developing a minimum level of training.

Terms of service are for two years.

Barbara Allred 

Brian Atkins 

Larry Caddell

Mike Cameron 

James Dunlap

Jarius Garner 

Rich Lambdin

John McIver 

Bryan Phillips

Randy Saunders 

Erik Stromberg 

Brian Tyner 

Otis Ritter

The Moore County Human Resources Appeals Committee was formed under the authority of the Moore County Board of Commissioners and its purpose is to advise the Board and the County Manager regarding County personnel issues.  The Committee is comprised of three members who serve three-year terms.  Each member is required to have experience in public or private personnel administration.  

Lisa Coyle (June 2020)

Samantha King (June 2019)

Rhonda Olinger (June 2021)


A Jury Commission of three members is appointed in each county pursuant to N.C.G.S. 9-1.  One member is appointed by the senior regular resident superior court judge, one by the clerk of superior court, and one by the board of county commissioners.  Terms of appointment are for two years.  

Jimmie Ann Lassiter - Commissioner Appointee (July 2019)

The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council assesses the needs of juveniles in the community, evaluates resources, and plans for unmet needs; evaluates the performance of juvenile services/programs; increases public awareness of the causes of delinquency and prevention efforts; develops intervention strategies and risk assessments for at-risk youth; provides funds for services for treatment/counseling/parenting/rehabilitation; and plans permanent funding streams for delinquency prevention programs.  The Council generally meets the first Tuesday of every other month at 8:00 a.m. in the Community Room located on the second floor of the Rick Rhyne Public Safety Center in Carthage.  Members serve two-year terms.

Tiffany Bartholomew - DA Designee (July 2019)

Jason Blackburn - Police Chief or Designee Rep. (November 2019)

Renee Brooks - Commissioner Appointee (November 2019)

April Ferrell - Commissioner Appointee (May 2019)

Matt Garner - Health Dept. (August 2019)

Catherine Graham - County Commissioner

Patrick Holder - Sheriff's Designee (December 2019)

Buddy Howell - Commissioner Appointee (November 2019)

David Lambert - Commissioner Appointee (August 2020)

Laura May - Moore County Schools (March 2019)

Annette McGraw (October 2020)

Gene McRae - Substance Abuse Professional (November 2019)

Shirlyn Morrison-Sims (February 2020)

Portia Purcell (December 2020)

Mary Spell - Mental Health (June 2020)

Michelle Teco - Faith Community (December 2020)

Melvin Thorne - DSS (June 2019)

Aulisa Turner - Business Community (December 2020)

David Wall - Chief Court Counselor (June 2020)

Caroline Xiong - County Manager's Designee (June 2020)

The Moore County Library Board of Trustees acts in an advisory capacity to the Regional Director and the Director of the Moore County Libraries.  Trustees are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serve for three-year terms.  The Board of Trustees meets the first month of each quarter.

Barbara Allred (October 2019)

Theron Bell (August 2019)

Clara Bernicken (August 2019)

Cynthia Clendenin (June 2020)

Jerry Daeke (Ex-Officio, County Commissioner)

Jan Hecox (April 2021)

Rose Highland-Sharpe (March 2019)

Joanna King (August 2021)

Karuna Rekhraj (April 2021)

Richard Rodda (February 2017)

Susan Zucchino (August 2021)

Cynthia Bradley - Red Cross (March 2019)

Josh Brooks - Transportation (June 2019)

Scot Brooks - Emergency Management (June 2020)

Debra Ensminger - Local Environmental (June 2021)

Richard Maness - Sheriff's Office (December 2021)

Billy Marts - Public Information (January 2020)

Bryan Phillips - Public Safety (June 2020)

Otis Ritter - Elected Official

Shannon Stroud - Hospital (December 2021)

Robert Williams - Industry (March 2018)

Robert Wittmann - Health Dept. (June 2019)

The Moore County Nursing and Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee maintains the intent of the Nursing Home and Adult Care Home Resident Bill of Rights and promotes community involvement and cooperation with these homes to ensure quality of care for older and disabled adults.  Committee members visit these homes in Moore County several times a year and report their findings to a regional ombudsman so that concerns can be addressed. Committee members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and receive training from the Triangle J Regional Ombudsmen.  Initial terms of appointment to the Committee are for one year and each subsequent appointment is for three years.

Priscilla Beck (February 2021)

Barry Beeman (March 2020)

Barbara Brazer (February 2021)

Leah Brennan (April 2019)

Elizabeth Cunningham (August 2019)

Donna Harrell (October 2019)

Sandi King (12/2019)

Judie Luse (March 2020)

Sue McDuffie (May 2020)

Mary Meindl (April 2019)

Vallerie Murphy (June 2021)

Sandra Nusbaum (April 2020)

Brenda Pickler (October 2021)

Mary Lou Reynolds (October 2019)

Jane Robinson (April 2019)

Roberta Salisbury (12/2019)

Helen Schillaci (December 2021)

The Moore County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Moore County Board of Commissioners and staff in an effort to carry out effective and efficient recreational opportunities for the citizens of Moore County.  Terms of appointment are for three years.  The Board meets the first Monday every other month at noon at Hillcrest Park (Field House).  

Joe Brown (7/2020)

Larry Caddell (2/2021)

Michael Gatti (2/2021)

Travis Greene (2/2021)

Seth Powers

Billy Ransom

Commissioner Otis Ritter (ex-officio)

Randy Saunders (1/2020)

Kathy Watkins (2/2020)

The Moore County Planning Board makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners concerning amendments as outlined in the Moore County Unified Development Ordinance, land use plan policies and other planning related items that the Board of Commissioners may deem appropriate and coordinates with the Planning Department staff in all activities related to the above.  Terms of appointment are for three years.  The Planning Board meets the first Thursday monthly at 6:00 p.m. at the Historic Courthouse.

Matthew Bradley (June 2020)

John Cook (January 2022)

Joseph Garrison (May 2019)

Jeffrey Gilbert (July 2020)

Bobby Hyman (August 2020)

Harry Huberth (June 2020)

David Lambert (August 2021)

John Matthews (June 2021)

Eddie Nobles - Chairman (July 2020)


The Sandhills Center for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services Board, along with the area director, is responsible for adopting Sandhills Center policies and evaluating the implementation of the policies at regular intervals.  The Board ensures compliance with the rules of the North Carolina Commission for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services.  The Board generally meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the administrative office in Seven Lakes.  The Moore County Board of Commissioners makes two appointments to this Board.  Appointees serve three-year terms.

Matthew Rothbeind 

Otis Ritter

The Department of Social Services (DSS) Board generally meets the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at Moore County DSS.  The DSS Board has five members, two of which are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Terms of appointment are for three years.

Commissioners Appointees:

Catherine Graham (9/2019)

Tony Price (6/2020)

The Moore County Subdivision Review Board reviews all major preliminary subdivision plats and minor subdivision plats, where applicable, within the planning jurisdiction of Moore County.  The SRB consists of nine members, including representatives of the following departments or agencies: Planning and Zoning (2), Environmental Health (1), Public Utilities (1), Emergency Services (1), and Moore County Schools (1).  Additionally, two citizen members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners, one of which must be a NC licensed surveyor.  

Debra Ensminger

Randy Gould

Bryan Phillips

John Birath

Billy Ransom

Chuck Dumas

Travis Nickens (surveyor)

Rachel Patterson

Stephen Sheffield (alternate surveyor)


The duties of the Board of Equalization and Review are to review tax lists and to hear taxpayer appeals.  Terms of appointment are for three years.

Susan Adams (3/2021)

Bobby Brooks (3/2019)

Jerry Daeke (3/2020) - CHAIR

Frank Dean (3/2021)

Alex Horne (3/2020)

Bruce Yarrington (3/2021) - Alternate Member

Donna Livingston (3/2020) - Alternate Member


The Moore County Transportation Advisory Board (MCTAB) assists Moore County Transportation Services (MCTS) in accomplishing its stated goal to provide safe and efficient transportation to the citizens of Moore County and promote community support for and participation in the MCTS department.  The MCTAB meets quarterly at Moore County Social Services.  Terms of appointment for members are for three years.  

Pamela Alsobrook (6/2018)

Yvette Ausby (6/2019)

Kenneth Byrd (6/2020)

Wendy Carter (6/2020)

Karen DeCata (6/2019)

Gracie Dowdy (6/2020)

Louis Gregory

Kevin Griffin (6/2021)

Bob Huber (6/2021)

Anthony McCauley (6/2020)

Jim Pedersen (6/2020)

Shirley Perkins (6/2020)

Bryan Phillips (6/2021)

Terri Prots (6/2020)


Sandy Stewart

Matt Wimberly

Tony Chriscoe

Tim Priest

Bradley Ritter

Mike Rowland

Harry Huberth

The Regional Partnership Workforce Development Board provides policy guidance and exercises oversight of activities funded under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, for the counties in the Local Workforce Area in partnership with units of general local government within the area, and coordinates the scope and direction of non-funded employment, training, and other related services provided to the residents of the Local Workforce Area.  Terms of service for members are for three years.  Appointments to the WDB are made by each of the county commissions in the Local Workforce Area.  

Moore County Appointees:

Pat Corso (6/2021)

Andrea Korte (5/2019)

John Lowery (8/2021)

Kristin Richmond (7/2019)

Timothy Simmons (2/2019)

Nina Walker (6/2020)

The Commissioners

Pictured left to right:  Louis Gregory , Frank Quis , Catherine Graham, Otis Ritter, Jerry Daeke

Pictured L-R:  Louis Gregory , Frank Quis , Catherine Graham, Otis Ritter, Jerry Daeke


Code of Ordinances

The Moore County Board of Commissioners consists of five members who are elected to serve staggered four-year terms.  Each commissioner represents and resides in a district, but is elected at-large. The Board is the general governing body of the County and has three primary functions: 1) Establishment of overall fiscal policy through its taxing and spending powers; 2) Regulation of private conduct through its ordinance making powers; and 3) General administration.

The Board meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 5:30 p.m.  When a closed session is necessary, the Board convenes at 4:30 p.m. to address those items ahead of the public portion of the meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Unless specified otherwise, the Board holds its meetings on the 2nd floor of the Historic Courthouse in Carthage, North Carolina.

All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are open to the public.

The Board has a public comment period at the beginning of each meeting.  Individuals may sign up to speak thirty minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting.  The Chair will individually recognize speakers, who will be given three minutes to make comments.  Click here for the public comment period procedures.

Click here to search and view archived Board documents in LaserFiche.

You may click below to view the Code of Ordinances, or contact the Clerk at 1 (910) 947-6403.  The Unified Development Ordinance is adopted by reference and is also available by contacting Clerk or on the Planning Department's webpage.

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