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Voter Registration

        Mail the completed Voter Registration form to:  
        Moore County Board of Elections
        PO Box 787
        Carthage, NC  28327

Sample Ballots

Absentee Voting

In North Carolina, absentee voting is broadly divided into three categories: absentee-by-mail voting, military and overseas citizens voting (also called UOCAVA voting), and absentee one-stop voting. These processes are all considered absentee, because the voting takes place away from the traditional Election Day precincts.

Any registered North Carolina voter can request a mail-in absentee ballot. This type of absentee voting allows a voter or a near relative or legal guardian to request that an absentee ballot be sent to the voter by mail. The voter may vote the ballot and return it to the county board of elections by the ballot return deadline.

To receive a mail-in absentee ballot for an election, a voter or the voter’s near relative* or legal guardian must use the State Absentee Ballot Request Form to request the ballot. Request forms are available here on the Moore County Board of Elections website, and at the Moore County Board of Elections office. The form can be reproduced.
*A "near relative" means spouse, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, child, granchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, stepparent, or stepchild.
A signed and completed State Absentee Ballot Request Form must be received by the county board of elections no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last Tuesday prior to the date of the election for which the ballot is being requested.
A signed and completed request form may be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or delivered in person to the county board of elections office.
Note: A request form must be received for each election that a voter desires to vote a by-mail absentee ballot.
Mail Absentee Requests to:
Moore County Board of Elections
PO Box 787
Carthage, NC  28327 

Fax Absentee Requests to:
Email Absentee Requests to:

The State Absentee Ballot Request Form may only be signed by the voter or a near relative or legal guardian of the voter. When completing the form, the voter or the requestor must sign and provide the voter’s name, residential address, date of birth, and an identification number for the voter (i.e., NC DMV driver license number, NC DMV identification card number, or the last four digits of the voter’s social security number.) If an identification number is not provided on the form, then the requestor must submit one of the documents listed below along with the completed request form:

  • A copy of a current and valid photo identification
  • A copy of one of the following documents that shows the name and address of the voter: a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document.

If a person other than the voter (a near relative or legal guardian) makes the request, then the requestor must also provide his or her name and residential address on the request form. If requesting a ballot for a partisan primary, and the voter is registered Unaffiliated, the voter or requestor should indicate the ballot preference for the voter. Finally, the voter or requestor must provide the address where the absentee balloting materials are to be mailed, if different than the voter’s residential address.

Note: If a registered North Carolina voter (including eligible dependents) is absent due to military service or is currently living overseas, then only the actual voter should complete the State Absentee Ballot Request Form. Click here for additional information on Military and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting.

In the presence of two witnesses (or one witness if the witness is a notary-public), the voter should mark the ballot, or cause it to be marked according to his or her instructions. Once the ballot is marked, the voter or a person assisting the voter must seal the ballot in the container-return envelope and must then complete the Absentee Application and Certificate on the back of the ballot container-return envelope. The voter’s witnesses must complete and sign the envelope in the space designated as Witnesses’ Certification (or Alternative Notary-Witness Certification, if using a notary-public as the witness). If someone assisted the voter, the assister must sign and date the certificate as well.

Once the Absentee Application and Certificate is fully executed with all relevant signatures, the voted ballot (contained inside of the container-return envelope) must be returned to the county board of elections no later than 5:00 p.m. on the date of the election. The envelope may be mailed or delivered in person to the board of elections’ office. Ballots received after 5:00 p.m. on election day will be timely ONLY if they are received by mail and bear a postmark that is dated on or before the date of the election and are received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the third day following the election.
** If hand delivering, the ballot MUST be brought in by the voter or a near relative

One-stop absentee voting (commonly known as "early voting") allows any registered voter to cast an absentee ballot in person on select days prior to Election Day. One-stop voting begins on the third Wednesday prior to Election Day and ends on the last Saturday before the election. The location for One-stop Voting is either in the County Board of Elections office, or an alternative site, if the County Board office is not equipped to handle in-person voting. County Boards of Elections may also designate additional one-stop sites in various other parts of the county.
One-Stop site Locations will be announced upon approval of the One-Stop plan submitted by the County Board of Elections to the State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement for each election.

*At a One-Stop location registered voters may change their name or address.  Also, unregistered citizens may register and vote during the One-Stop period.  For more information on Same Day Registration, click here.


 Absent uniformed services members (and their eligible dependents) and U.S. citizens living outside of the United States may request an absentee ballot under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA). This federal act and its corresponding law in this state allows uniformed service members and overseas citizens who are absent from their county of residence in North Carolina to request, receive and return an absentee ballot under special rights.
Click here for more information

Voter Data

What Data Interests You?

Countywide voter registration and voter history files are available from the Moore County Board of Elections. This data can be purchased by printed lists, labels, or electronic media.
To purchase voter data:
Print out & complete the Voter List Request Form 

  • Hand Delivered: Bring the completed form to our office along with payment in cash or check. (Credit Cards not accepted)
  • By Mail: Mail the completed form along with your payment and a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. (your receipt will be returned with your data.)


  • Printed reports: $.02 per page with a $2.00 minimum.
  • Electronic data: $25.00
    • All data is in text form, you will need an Excel or Access program to open. (Click for instructions to open data: Excel / Access)
  • Labels: $.02 per page with a $10.00 minimum.
    • (Customer must furnish all labels - required size: 1" x 2 5/8")

Data is made available based on the State Board of Elections Policy regarding access to Public Records.
The data listed below are available on the State Board of Elections website: www.ncsbe.gov

Statewide voter registration and voter history files are available from the State Board of Elections. This statewide data can be purchased on CD-ROM for $25. To purchase the CD-ROM, fill out the Voter Records Request Form and send it to:

 NC State Board of Elections
 PO Box 27255
 Raleigh, NC 27611-7255

Form Description of the CD Content and Data Format

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