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Fire Commission Funding Model Presented

The commissioners held a special meeting on November 17th to receive a presentation from the Moore County Fire Commission on a proposed capital funding model and tax distribution formula. The information was presented by Fire Commission Chair Mike Cameron and Vice Chair Larry Upchurch and Moore County Chiefs’ Association President Rich Lambdin. The presentation suggested $4,918,271 is needed to fund departments for fiscal year 2017, which is $1,085,774 more than the current fiscal year. The commissioners said this information would be considered during the budget process and that they were eager to hear feedback on the recommendations from the fire departments and municipal governing bodies. It was wholeheartedly agreed that Fire Commission members have worked very diligently since being appointed last year. The Board offered its gratitude to these volunteers as well as to all fire/rescue personnel, several of whom were present at the meeting.

Click here to view the Fire Commission Commissioners Presentation.

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