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Sample Ballots Available and Voting by Mail Begins


Samples ballots for the upcoming November General Election are now available.  Click below to view your ballot.

G001 - House District 52 ~ All precincts except Carthage, DHR & part of Robbins & Westmoore

G002 - House District 78 ~ Carthage, DHR & part of Robbins & Westmoore precincts


We will begin mailing ballots to registered voters beginning Friday, September 09, 2016.

Voters wishing to vote by mail may request a ballot by completing the Absentee Ballot Request Form. You do not need an excuse to vote absentee by mail.  Click here and complete your request.  This completed form can be mailed, emailed, faxed  or delivered in person to the Board of Elections.


Please contact our office for additional information or should you have questions.  Phone - 910/947-3868 or email:

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