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The Collection Division consists of the Current and Delinquent collections sections and the Customer Service section. Current collections pertains to tax bills that are within the allotted time frame for being paid. The Delinquent Collections section works to collect any and all property tax bills that are past-due. Taxpayers may pay tax bills in the office located in the Historic Courthouse, by mailing the payment directly to the Moore County Tax Department at PO Box 1809, Carthage NC 28327 or pay on-line.  Click here to view tax rates.

Current Collections

The Current Collections Section works to collect taxes that are due for all real property, personal property, and public service company property. Taxpayers are provided a billing statement regarding property taxes that are due relating to any taxable property in Moore County. Taxpayers may pay tax bills by sending the payment coupon directly to the Tax Department, visiting the Tax Department in the Historic Courthouse in Carthage, N.C., or on-line using the Official Payments credit card or electronic check payment processing option. Taxpayers who visit the Tax Department have the option of paying by cash, check, debit card, or credit card (through Official Payments on-line processing). A convenience fee is charged to the cardholder by Official Payments for credit card or electronic check payment processing.

Delinquent Collections

All property owners are provided a billing statement indicating the property being billed, along with a value of the property and the tax amount due as well as the due date for the bill. For real property, the due date is September 1 of each year; however, a discount is provided to property owners who pay the bill prior to August 31. Real property tax bills are considered past due if not paid by January 5th, and after that date penalties are added for each month the bill remains unpaid along with any cost involved in collecting the taxes.

To see the billing schedule for the various types of taxable property, click HERE.

Taxpayers need to contact the Moore County Tax Department prior to January 11, 2019 regarding payment agreements to avoid collection remedies.


Properties currently in the foreclosure process are listed below.  Click on the description for a Property Map. Click on the Parcel ID to view the property information.

Listing Owner Property Description Parcel ID Sale Date


Opening Bid

NOTE: All sales are conducted by the Moore County Sheriff’s Department in the lobby of the Moore County Courts Facility in Carthage, NC. Sales start at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Property is sold at public auction to the highest bidder. Taxes, costs and sheriff fees can be paid to the Moore County Sheriff’s Department any time prior to sale time and the sale will be stopped. The Moore County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 910-947-7610 for the amount due. If payment is made after the tax sale but prior to confirmation of the sale- that is, within ten days of the sale or any resale, the judgment will be satisfied and the proceedings halted.
Bids are left open for upset bids ten days after sale date. If you are the highest bidder at the public auction and an upset bid is received within ten days, you will be notified by the Moore County Sheriff’s Department that an upset bid has been received. You may then place a higher bid if you so desire. Any upset bids must be made in person at the Moore County Clerk of Superior Court. Please see the upset bid procedures below. Questions concerning placing an upset bid should be directed to the Moore County Clerk of Court, Civil Records Division at 910- 722- 5000. Please inform them that you are calling regarding a tax foreclosure.
After the final ten day upset bid period expires successfully with no upset bid made, the Order of Confirmation is filed with the Moore County Clerk of Court and the Moore County Sheriff will contact the final bidder for full payment. The total amount of the upset bid will be due by cashiers check or certified check.

  • The sheriff will execute a Non-Warranty Sheriff’s Deed. The buyer is responsible for recording the deed and the recording fees at the Moore County Register of Deed to change ownership.
  • The buyer will be responsible for the current year taxes and any prior year(s) taxes that are not included in the judgment for foreclosure.
  • Properties sold may be subject to IRS or State tax liens, other taxes or special assessments not included in the judgment.
  • It is your responsibility to research and obtain information regarding the property prior to the sale.
  • The deed description may include portions of land that have already been sold off by the current owners and are NOT subject to the sale.

Summary of Upset Bid Procedure for Tax Foreclosed Property
Real property sales must remain open for a period of ten (10) days after the filing of the report of sale to allow for the filing of an upset bid under G.S. 1-339.64. Upset bids are advanced, increased or raised bids where a person makes an offer to purchase the real property sold for an amount exceeding the reported sale price by a specified amount. The upset bid must exceed the reported sale price by 5% but not less than the minimum increase amount of $750.00. The upset bid must be delivered to the Moore County Clerk of Superior Court as cash, certified check or cashier’s check in an amount satisfactory to the Clerk. This deposit must be filed with the Moore County Clerk of Superior Court before the close of normal business hours on or before the tenth day after the filing of the report of sale. When the tenth day falls on a Sunday, legal holiday, or other day where the office of the clerk is not open for the regular dispatch of business, the deposit may be made on the first day afterward that the office is open for the regular dispatch of business. If you desire to place an upset bid and have questions concerning placing that bid, please contact the Moore County Clerk of Courts, Civil Records Division at 910-722-5000. Please inform them that you are calling regarding a tax foreclosure.



The Moore County Tax Department issues beer/wine licenses, however, the license must first be obtained from the North Carolina ABC Board and the municipality, if applicable, in which the business is located. Copies of the NC ABC Board and municipal licenses are required before the Tax Department will issue a license. To obtain a license application, select beer/wine licenses; applications may also be obtained by visiting the Collections Office. Additional questions should be directed to 910-947-4116.
For further information on starting a new business, please visit www.nccommerce.com.

Tax Estimator

This calculator will compute your tax bill based on the value of your property and your county/township and fire district tax rates.


The due date is September 1. A discount is offered if paid by August 31. (Aberdeen, Carthage, Pinehurst, Southern Pines and Whispering Pines municipalities do not allow a 2% discount). Taxpayers have until January 5th to pay without a penalty.

Yes, partial payments can be made anytime before taxes become past due. If taxes are past due, you should contact the collections office to set up payment arrangements (CONTACT US).

Yes, prepayment amounts would be based on the previous year’s tax value and tax rates and would be subject to settlement when the value, rates, and bill are finalized.

Yes, as part of our commitment to providing citizens with efficient, convenient service, Moore County Tax Department has partnered with Official Payments Corp. to offer payment of taxes over the internet at www.officialpayments.com or by telephone by calling 1-800-272-9829. For Moore County tax bills, a jurisdiction code of 4350 should be used when paying via Official Payments and Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards are accepted through this service. Electronic checks are also accepted using the online method. Official Payments Corp., the service provider, charges a convenience fee for payment processing.

North Carolina law states that all taxable real property shall be listed and billed in the name of the owner as of January 1st each year. If this is a bill for real property that was sold on or after January 1st, you may mail the tax bill directly to the new owner. It is Moore County Tax Department policy to provide a copy of the tax bill to the new owner as soon as possible. If you purchased property after January 1 and did not receive that specific tax bill, please call our office (910-947-2255).

Tax foreclosures are posted on the Moore County website www.moorecountync.gov approximately four weeks prior to the sale date. They are also posted in the foyer of the Moore County Courts Facility and published in the legal section of The Pilot newspaper.

The sales are conducted by the Moore County Sheriff’s Department in the lobby of the Moore County Courts Facility. The properties are sold at a public auction to the highest bidder.

You or a representative should be present to place a bid; however the bid is left open for 10 days for upset bids. The upset bid process is handled by the Moore County Clerk of Court’s office.

There is no set schedule but sales are usually scheduled about every eight weeks.

Buying tax liens is no longer legal in North Carolina and property ownership is only changed by recorded deed or will.

The foreclosure process may be started in April of the year in which the tax bill becomes delinquent.

If your mortgage company requested your tax bill information, ‘Copy Sent To Mortgage Co’ will be printed on the tax bill. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure that their mortgage company receives and pays the taxes.

The Tax Office issues beer/wine license, however, the license must first be obtained from the NC ABC Board and the municipality in which you are located, if applicable. Copies of those licenses are required by our office.  Beer & Wine licenses can be obtained from our collections office. Questions can be directed to 910-947-4116. Further information can be obtained on starting a new business by visiting www.nccommerce.com.

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