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Welcome To Youth Services

Youth Services is a community-based program established in 1979 in our County. The program provides the youth of Moore County with an opportunity to be accountable for their actions, to become a positive influence for their peers, and to contribute to the improvement of their community.

Services To Our Clients

Juvenile Restitution

The program provides offenders the opportunity to complete monetary and/or community service restitution for crimes committed. Youth between the ages of seven and fifteen are referred to the program in response to an adjudication order from Juvenile Court.

Teen Court

Teen Court is an alternative system of justice wherein first time offenders are tried by their peers for misdemeanor offenses. The program serves middle school and high school aged youth.
To volunteer for Teen court, download and complete the 'Youth application'.

Psychological Assessments

Funding pays for psychological evaluations required by the juvenile court counselors to assist the counselors in determining the appropriate resources required for youth involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

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